Commercial Floor Screeding

We are available for commercial floor screeding contracts across the South West. Our flooring solutions are ideal for a wide range of commercial settings, from vets and GP practices to schools, colleges and hospitals. Contact us for professional advice and support and a consistent level of service.

Durable Flooring

Many commercial sites experience constant footfall, and require a durable and long-lasting floor as a result. Liquid screed dries to an extremely strong finish, capable of handling high levels of usage for years to come.

In addition, its self-levelling properties make it much easier to achieve a smooth, even surface, improving aesthetics of your space and the health and safety of everyone that uses it. For more information about our commercial flooring solutions, contact our team today.

Low-maintenance Solutions

Our commercial floor screeding services are the low-maintenance option for any commercial premises. They are fast and simple for a small, specialist team such as ours to install. That means minimal disruption, allowing you to get on with other aspects of your build. They also dry quickly to a neat and tidy surface ready for a wide range of flooring applications.

So, if you are working on a commercial construction or renovation product and require a fast and effective flooring solution, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch to discuss your needs and obtain a quote for our services.

Wide Range of Industries

These days, liquid screed is a popular choice throughout the commercial construction sector. Its ease of application, reliability and consistent results have made it the perfect solution for a wide range of commercial and public spaces. We regularly serve clients across the South West of England, including:

If you’re unsure whether liquid floor screeding is suitable for your commercial site, contact our team today. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and come up with a solution.

Contact Boulton Plastering Ltd

For more information about commercial floor screeding, contact our team today.

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